Are you Ready?

Peace of Mind Preparedness is a disaster preparedness service that serves Monterey Bay. In your consultation, I will come to your home and arm you with the information and tools needed to keep your family safe. It is critical to have a written plan in place, know what to do in a disaster, build a disaster kit and to learn the local resources to be informed. With my support you will see that preparedness does not have to be a daunting proposition but a way of life.

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Wanda Vollmer — Founder,
Peace of Mind Preparedness

About Me

I created Peace of Mind Preparedness out of a desire to get my community prepared for a natural disaster. I worked at the American Red Cross as a Community Engagement Manager, where I served as a lead functional expert for Red Cross Preparedness Programs and community partner development. I reached seniors, youth and families with the message of preparedness through disaster education programs.

I am always interested in learning the latest on preparedness. I recently completed the Monterey Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program. CERT focuses on disaster preparedness, search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations.

I believe that the stronger our community is, the better we will be able to respond to a disaster. With my consultation, I bring my passion for preparedness and love of working with people.

Let’s get ready Monterey Bay!

Endorsement: Chief Paul Tomasi

“You never know when the next emergency situation is going to happen, but we can all be better prepared to handle them when they occur.  Wanda has the experience and knowledge to get you prepared for any type of emergency that may happen. I’ve been fortunate to listen to Wanda speak about emergency preparedness on multiple occasions.  Most recently, Wanda spoke to a group of our local Lions Club Members and presented valuable, life saving tips to help all of us be better prepared during an emergency.  Having been involved in emergency services for over two decades the best advice I can give is to be prepared for an emergency.  If you are prepared it helps emergency responders and having someone like Wanda educating our public is critical to how well your emergency responders can react during an emergency.  Help yourself and help your community by being prepared.” 

Paul Tomasi- Carmel-by-the-Sea Chief of Police  & Mission Trail Lions Club President 2019/20


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