Are you Ready?

Peace of Mind Preparedness is a disaster preparedness service that serves Monterey Bay. In your consultation, I will come to your home and arm you with the information and tools needed to keep your family safe. It is critical to have a written plan in place, know what to do in a disaster, build a disaster kit and to learn the local resources to be informed. With my support you will see that preparedness does not have to be a daunting proposition but a way of life.

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Wanda Vollmer — Founder,
Peace of Mind Preparedness

About Me

I created Peace of Mind Preparedness out of a desire to get my community prepared for a natural disaster. I worked at the American Red Cross as a Community Engagement Manager, where I served as a lead functional expert for Red Cross Preparedness Programs and community partner development. I reached seniors, youth and families with the message of preparedness through disaster education programs.

I am always interested in learning the latest on preparedness. I recently completed the Monterey Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program. CERT focuses on disaster preparedness, search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations.

I believe that the stronger our community is, the better we will be able to respond to a disaster. With my consultation, I bring my passion for preparedness and love of working with people.

Let’s get ready Monterey Bay!


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